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Muslim Personal Law – Assalaamoe Alaykoem. Shukran for visiting this website. The South African legal system is based on secular principles and standards. What this means for Muslims is that South African law is at times in conflict with Shariah Law. For example, if someone passes away in South Africa without a last will and testament, his or her estate would be distributed to his heirs in terms of the South African Law of Inheritance. However, the South African law of inheritance is not the same as Islamic law of inheritance.  We would assist you in drafting your Shariah Compliant last will and testament to ensure that Shariah Law applies at your death. At the same time, we provide other useful services. These include pre-nikkah and post nikkah agreements, shariah compliant contract drafting, and shariah investment agreements, to mention a few.

Muslim Legal Services

Browsing through this website, you will note that it deals with 3 (three) service aspects. They include Family Law, Business and Contractual Law, and lastly Shariah Advice. What this website attempts to do, is to be a gateway to Muslims requiring those services. Therefore, if you have been through a Talaq or Faskh and you want to know what are your legal rights, regarding that of property and children, we would be able to advise you. In the same manner, should you want to get married and require a pre-nikkah agreement; we would draft it for you. And lastly, should you require Shariah advice from a qualified Sheigh, we can connect you to one. This is where we come in, in relation to Muslim Personal Law.

Make use of our Muslim Law Services

This website is manged by Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd. Feel free to contact us should you require any of our services. We also have free resources on this website. These include Shariah Compliant Wills and a Pre-nikkah Agreement. You may also download a Muslim Marriages Booklet dealing with various issues Muslim couples experience after they are separated or divorced. Muslim Personal law is developing in South Africa, with the existence of the Muslim Marriages Bill. Therefore, should you require any advice on the Bill, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to being of service to you.

Please continue reading the other pages of this website to learn more about us. For other family law related services, visit our sister website, Our Lawyer.

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